Billing/Payment FAQ

  • How do I find my Account Number?

    Account Number
    Your account number is printed above your name and address. The word "Account No." or "A/C" is printed in front of the 11 digit number in the format - Account No: 0-000-000-000-0.

  • How do I pay my account to Readers Digest?

    We accept payment in any of the following ways:
    POST OFFICE - Simply take your bill to any POST OFFICE main branches.
    CHEQUE/MONEY ORDER/POSTAL ORDER – We accept both bank and personal cheques. Please ensure that you write your account number and/or name and address on the back of your cheque made payable to ‘Reader’s Digest’ and then post it to us, together with your payment slip(s).

  • Where can I send my payment?

    Please post your payment to us at:
    Reader's Digest
    Singapore Post Centre
    P O BOX 600
    Singapore 914020

  • I returned a product. Why am I still being billed for it?

    If it has been less than 28 days then the product you returned, and the bill we recently sent to you may have crossed in the mail. If you receive another bill please email us with the details of when you returned the product.

  • I have placed my order when will I have to make payment?

    You will receive an invoice with your product, the due date for you payment will show on your invoice.

  • I wish to pay by instalments. How can I do this?

    To take full advantage of our pay by instalment option you must make the first instalment payment by the due date, the balance instalment payments will be reflected in the bill.

  • I am paying by instalments, why have I now received a bill asking for the full amount.

    If the first instalment is not paid by its due date the full payment for the product becomes due.

  • When can I expect to receive the first bill for my subscription and when will the payment be due?

    You can expect to receive your bill about two weeks after your order is placed. Due dates vary, and will be noted on your bill when you receive it.

  • If I use my credit card to purchase on-line, is my information safe?

    All online credit card transactions are secured using industry standard 128 bit SSL encryption.

  • Why have I received a reminder notice when I have already sent payment?

    Your last payment was most likely received after we printed your new bill. If you would like to confirm your payment has been received please send us an email.

  • If I make a payment through a Post Outlet or by Credit Card, (Internet and Phone) do I still need to post in my documents for entry into the Sweepstakes?

    No. there is no need to post in the entry documents when you make your payment to us using any of the above methods as you are automatically entered in the sweepstakes upon receipt of your payment.

    Documents only need to be returned when making your payment by regular mail.